Microsoft Reportedly on The Verge of Open-Sourcing PowerShell For Linux and OS X

If rumors flying around are to be believed, it would seem that Microsoft is slowly embracing the FOSS idea. The rumors state that the company is working on open sourcing its automation and scripting platform Power Shell.

According to the Metadata found on the Redmond company’s GitHub page, it would appear that Microsoft would soon release and Open-source version of PowerShell that runs on both Linux and OS X.

The Windows PowerShell is a task automation and configuration management framework that has been created by Microsoft for both the Windows desktop and Server operating systems. The platform consists of a command-line shell and an associated scripting language that has been built atop the .NET FRAMEWORK.

The program enables system administrators to be able to perform administrative jobs that include automating tasks, running other programs in the background to save time or use to pinpoint and kill off non-responsive tasks that might be degrading system performance.

Just noticed this in the package metadata, guess that confirms @h0x0d ‘s Open Source rumour for #PowerShell

— Tom Hounsell (@tomhounsell) July 27, 2016

Hell, you know what, here’s some screens of a build of #Powershell (PSCore) running on Linux and OSX /cc @h0x0d

— Tom Hounsell (@tomhounsell) July 25, 2016

There is no official word from the Redmond-based company confirming whether PowerShell will become an open-source platform or not but it has rightly created a huge excitement within the Free and open-source community.

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Already, Microsoft has open-sourced millions of lines of code in a bid to be more appealing to those who prefer FOSS over proprietary software.

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