Black Lab Software Has Released netOS Server 7 Service Pack 1

Black Lab PC/OpenSystems LLC Software responsible for the development and maintenance of netOS Linux-based operating system is happy to announce the availability of the latest version of the software now available to all its clients.

The team spent over one year and a half working on a platform that would be a continuation of the Black Lab Linux Enterprise Server distribution,the new netOS 7 server offers refined and improved sets of features akin to any Black Lab release, support for high-end modern hardware architectures and also ships with the easiest configuration scripts to aid users deploy the software with less hassle.

NetOS Server 7

“Many of our clients run netOS Server with zero unplanned downtime. It is a perfect platform to create your own private cloud, deployed as a workgroup server or setup as a terminal services appliance,” Roberto J. Dohnert reveals . “netOS Server 7 SP1 has been setup from the ground-up to be the easiest Linux server platform to deploy.”

The version of the operating system is powered by Linux kernel 3.19.0-61 packages from Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Trusty Tahr GNU/Linux operating system, the netOS Server 7 Service Pack 1 uses the lightweight and resource friendly Xfce 4.12 desktop environment.

Out of the box, the software supports Google Chrome we browser as a replacement for Midori, LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP), Apache Tomcat 8 application server, the powerful Webmin 1.800 server administration tool as well as the ownCloud 8 self-hosting servers. netOS Server 7 SP1 is available now for all supported hardware, including OpenSERVE and miniSERVE.

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